From 1940 through the mid 1960's some of the nation's best aviators trained at the Orlando Air Base, a portion of which is now Baldwin Park. The runways were south of Colonial at the present Orlando Executive Airport.
Legend has it that Orlando Sentinel publisher Martin Andersen (right) asked president Lyndon B. Johnson for a space center in Orlando during this 1964 motorcade ride. No deal on the space center, but soon came news that a navy base was on its way.
When it opened in 1968, the Orlando Naval Training Center was the showplace of the Navy.
Each week, 800 new recruits arrived for an 11-week training program. Graduation was held every Friday morning. Here Secretary of the Navy John H. Chaffee inspects the grads in the 1970s.
The Blue Jacket, a landlocked 2/3-scale Destroyer Escort training ship "anchored" the end of the 12-acre drill field.This site is now Blue Jacket Park.
The Orlando Naval Training Center, summer 2000, just prior to demolition. Lake Baldwin is in the upper right corner.
January 2001--demolition is in progress.
Some buildings that were scheduled for 40 days of demolition work required 4 months and a 26,000-pound wrecking ball to bring down. The demolition team was astounded by the amount of steel rebar the Navy had used during construction.
Demolition produced heaps of rubble from 200 miles
of underground pipes,
25 miles of roads, and acres
of parking lots. All the
materials were either
recycled on site or resold.
The rubble from demolition was cleaned and crushed on site for use in new road beds and other projects. This process literally created mountains of material, visible from miles away as seen in this 2001 photo.
By August 2001 demolition was complete and the City of Orlando certified the site as a "greenfield." Bennett Road is in the foreground and Lake Baldwin is at top.
Groundwater exfiltration trench being constructed under what is now Blue Jacket Park, 2001.  Lake Baldwin is in the foreground.
New Broad Street at Bennett Road, December 2002.  The first apartments, townhomes, and single-family homes can be seen under construction.  The temporary sales center is at lower left.  Lake Susannah is at the top.
The first new Baldwin Park house was nearly complete in this December 12, 2002 photo. Its owner moved in before year end.
Village Center construction begins, 2003.
New Broad Street, from Bennett Road to Lake Baldwin, ca. 2007.
Village Center Waterfront, looking down New Broad Street, 1997. The downtown Orlando skyline can be seen at the upper right.
CVS drugstore in the Village Center.
Publix supermarket in the Village Center.
SunTrust, Regions Bank, and Fairwinds Credit Union provide banking services in the neighborhood.
Waterfront dining al fresco is an everyday occurrence in tropical Baldwin Park.
Dogs love outdoor dining, too.
Service businesses can operate in Live-Work homes in the Village Center.
Dozens of small businesses and medical practices are located in the neighborhood office district.
The Majestic offers apartment living above the Village Center shops.
Post Lake at Baldwin Park offers townhome rentals in the Village Center.
One and two-story Urban Loft apartments are offered in the Village Center by Post Lake at Baldwin Park.
Enders Place offers dozens of floor plans in distinctive buildings located near Enders Park.
The Village at Baldwin Park is a luxury apartment complex with its own resident amenity center.
The Village apartments feature a pool just for its residents.
Easy-living condos built by Centerline Homes can be found throughout Baldwin Park.
Live-Work units by Harkins Construction combine lifestyle with business in the Village Center.
City Homes by Rey Homes are popular choices for Village Center living.
Mattamy Homes is building multi-story executive townhomes next to Grace Hopper Hall.
Townhomes built by Issa Homes.
A single-family home built by Issa Homes.
A single-family home built by David Weekley Homes.
A single-family home built by David Weekley Homes.
A single-family home built by David Weekley Homes.
A single-family home built by K Hovnanian Homes.
A single family home built by K Hovnanian Homes
A single-family home built by K Hovnanian Homes.
New Broad Street Park extends from Bennett Road to the Village Center.
Impressive custom homes line New Broad Street.
A weir at the top of New Broad Street Park creates a water feature that also helps improve water quality.
Dogs rule in Baldwin Park.
Biking is one of the neighbhorhood's favorite activities.
The extensive trail system within Baldwin Park connect's with Orange County's Cady Way Trail.
The boardwalk at Harbor Park is a fun place for families to stroll.
Longview Park provides passive recreation and a great view for homes along several blocks of Meeting Place.
Audubon of Florida advised the developer on ways to restore native vegetation to neighborhood waterways and make Baldwin Park an attractive habitat.
The Osprey Avenue corridor park.
The community pool at Grace Hopper Hall.
The community swimming pool at High Park.
The community pool at Enders Park.
Enders Park features an award-winning community building.
Some homes face a mews instead of a street.
A Baldwin Park front porch.
Residents hold two community-wide Porch Sales each year.
Baldwin Park has become a popular venue for community fundraising events.
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Baldwin Park is a visual feast. A rich military history. A fascinating demolition and recycling process. A successful redevelopment. Gorgeous homes. Lively parks. A vibrant street scene. Sit back, relax, and click away for a photo tour of the neighborhood, then and now.